Common Features of Successful Skating Teams

Successful skating teams tend to have several things in common.

Firstly, successful skating teams tend to be well managed. Some actually go as far as recruiting professionally trained managers to run their affairs. Above these managers, we tend to have committees of the clubs behind the teams, these usually being committees of people who have the club’s best interests at heart.

Secondly, successful skating teams tend to be well financed. Some of the clubs behind these teams turn out to be clubs that have tangible investments, held in trust for the teams, to ensure that the teams have sustainable inflows of cash.

Thirdly, successful skating teams tend to have high caliber skaters. These teams are known to go to great lengths, to ensure that they attract the best talent – sometimes to the extent of actually headhunting players from other successful teams.

Fourthly, successful skating teams tend to have high caliber coaches. Often, there are other members of the teams’ technical benches, besides the coaches. That is where, for instance, you may find a team also having engaged a counselor to provide counseling services and motivate the skaters, in order to ensure that they always perform at their peak levels without any issues bugging them.

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