May 03

Why There Seems to Be a Lapse Between the Time You Enter Details on the Gmail Login Page and the Time You Are Actually Given Access to Your Email Account

If you are a keen observer, there are several things you are likely to have noticed about the workings of the Gmail login page. One of those would be the fact that there seems to be some time lapse, between the time you enter your details on the said login page (and click on the ‘sign in’ button), and the time you are actually given access to the email account. We are trying to find out what brings about this time lapse.

That is where it turns out that the time lapse between entry of login details and actual access to the Gmail account is caused by the fact that your computer first has to connect to Google’s servers (on which Gmail accounts are stored). Once access to the servers is gained, your credentials have to be checked – and that takes time. If your credentials are alright, the first Gmail page has to be rendered, and this takes time too. These processes, coupled with the fact that your Internet connection may not be optimally fast, means that there has to be some time lapse, between the point where your enter Gmail login details, and the time you are granted access to your Gmail account.

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